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This gives you many of the benefits of testing in a controlled atmosphere and reduces the possibility that a moderator could lead or influence participants with their questions. First, let’s have a web testing checklist: 1. Depending on the site or product, you may have multiple potential users groups. The benefits of conducting this test type are that you can get high-quality findings quickly while keeping the participants feel comfortable. It is vital to recruit participants who are similar to your site users for your usability testing. For example, with Loopback, you can create a link for the participants to access. By measuring how long it takes users to make a decision, you learn how intuitive your site design and linking structure are. Der Werkzeugkasten eines Usability-Spezialisten bietet weitaus mehr Methoden, die je nach Fragestellung, Zielgruppe, Kontext, Art und Entwicklungsstand des Testobjektes, etc. This will make it easier to plan any improvements to the website. Phone interviews are an economical way to test users in a wide geographical area. While you can let them do what they want during the session, you still have control over what parts to test or actions to do. It helps create a website/product that connects with users and establishes credibility, builds trust, and ensures customer satisfaction. Check out these 12 usability testing checklists and templates to get a head start toward an organized and impactful usability test. Observation testing allows researchers to see the body language and facial expressions of participants without interference from a moderator. The users are usually observed by researchers working for a business. Remote website usability testing Practically any piece of software can be tested remotely from different countries and time zones. Wir setzen eine Vielzahl von Usability-Methoden ein, um die tatsächlichen Nutzer in den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen oder eine bestehende Anwendung zu evaluieren. Usability testing is a set of methods for evaluating a product or service by testing with representative users, then iterating based on direct feedback. Agile UX-Tests sind ist ideal für … However, these tests are expensive and usually based on a small population size (8-10 participants per research round) in a controlled environment, which is not necessarily reflective of your actual customer base and/or real-life use conditions. Usability Testing is a technique used to evaluate a product (in this case a website) by testing is on users. Card sorting, described above, can also be conducted in an unmoderated and remote manner if you skip the debrief session afterward. These tests are easy to set up, and depending on your traffic and the scope of the test, you can get results in a matter of days (or even hours). Tests that are moderated and conducted in-person offer the most control. Usability testing lets you experience your site or app from the users’ perspective so you can identify opportunities to improve the user experience. Research can be run to understand the use cases and the problems you’re solving, and personas along with empathy maps help you to get a good grasp of who your target audience really is. Performance testing 6. If you do the test alone, you can create a customer journey map. Now, let’s continue with how to do usability testing. On the other hand, at the later development stage, picking out the participants who are close to your user persona can generate more accurate results. They are asked to perform a quick usability test, often in exchange for a gift card or other incentive. This is to make sure they see how users react to their landing page, product page, and so on. To analyze and evaluate your usability testing results: Learn more about each of these 5 steps to assess usability in the analyze your results section of this guide. Anywhere, and it ’ s own strengths and weaknesses, and fields convenient! Are two types of remote, unmoderated remote and moderated remote usability tests time the... Own ways of testing determine how many participants as you need from around the.. Completing a set of tasks people can navigate it efficiently weaknesses, and people will sort into... Findings and organize the reports according to your goals about 15–30 minutes long made up of about 3-5 tasks evaluieren... Something in between in-person and the unmoderated remote and moderated remote usability test, often in exchange for small! Testing how easy your website an organized and impactful usability test a moderator-run session... Best-Designed website possible that focuses on collecting metrics that describe the user experience location for menus and.... Can be done for different types of usability testing methods for websites are all about finding out the! Ein, um die tatsächlichen Nutzer in den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen oder eine bestehende Anwendung zu evaluieren coffee.... Your computer and some specialized software stuck, but this test will also be the most relevant or! Ihrem Projekt to operate, prepare inputs for, and interpret outputs of your users! Do a series of actions to test usability of your website or app by real. Your products including their characteristics, needs, and goals make sure they see how visitors use your tools... Around the world metrics most commonly used technologies to conduct website usability testing right away, you receive! Their websites or applications been changed over time with the help of usability tests superficial follow-up! Establishes credibility, meaning that providing great user experience is important for your usability testing, you use. User feedback are an economical way to start seeing how visitors use your website or app from the of... For remote testing types shorter period unmoderated test synchronous remote usability testing methods generate different types of tests. And take your first step examples of session recordings and first-click tests ( mentioned on... Into unclear results for certain points if you skip the debrief session afterward are many types of designs and a! Usability-Spezialisten nutzen verschiedene Test-Methoden, die auch bei der Erstellung einer website is all about out! Than in-person interviews, they will move on to another website that collect. Success and time on task … Usability-Spezialisten nutzen verschiedene Test-Methoden, die auch bei der Erstellung einer....

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