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Googleusercontent search. Performing a secret paternity test with an alleged father not knowing is not something I would necessarily recommend but, I do understand there some situations that may call for you to perform paternity testing.. Today, I will share with you what you should know about performing a discreet/secret paternity test. DNA testing is typically considered a civil lawsuit, so a judge can force the father to submit a sample to a court-approved facility. If he doesn't do anything, by default he will be the child's legal father. If the possible father refuses to take the test at this point, he can be held in contempt of court, which can lead to legal consequences such as fines and the court taking the view that the alleged father has something to hide. So when i go to file for child support, i know i have to file for custody which means i have to prove paternity. Paternity Test Dispute: How to Get a Paternity Test if the Father Refuses August 13, 2013 / in Arizona Divorce Law / by Sampair Law Group Paternity testing can quickly turn into a heated discussion between a mother and the man in her life that she believes to be the father of her child, especially when that man denies that the child is his. The court may even assume paternity in the absence of a test, so ultimately it really isn’t in his best interest to refuse. Can A Father Refuse A Paternity Test? The possible father of a child has the right to refuse a court-ordered DNA paternity test, although he’ll face legal consequences for doing so. But hes the type of guy that doesnt want to take care of his responsibilities. Once he is served a summons and complaint to establish paternity, he can file an answer and get a paternity test. Though it can be a frustrating situation, it is important to know that a mother has rights if the alleged father refuses to take a paternity test. Thing didnt work out between my ex fiancee and me, we've tried and it just wont. Paternity issues and dna testing legal line. Disputing paternity is a man's right. She can file a petition for paternity with the court, and have the court then order the alleged father to submit to a paternity test. He doesn't have to do a paternity test for you at all. . “I think there’s a good compromise where OP refuses to get a paternity test for now, but doesn’t keep it a huge secret from his son. Can a dna paternity test be done without the father? Legal paternity tests do warrant consent from all parties involved. If she continues to refuse even after the court order, will be held in i am not listed on birth certificate and do want comply with a csa paternity test.

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