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", "VariantsMinimalPrice" : 0.000000000, "IsVariantsPriceSame" : "False", "IsProductOptions" : "False" } , { "DocumentName" : "Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper", "SKU_MSRP" : 99.000000000, "SKUPrice" : 74.990000000, "SKUDepartmentID" : 2, "CouponPrice" : 29.99, "Discount" : 70, "CouponCode" : "BF60", "Icon" : "/1lib/images/products/plugins/icons/marroquin-tone-shaper.png", "DocumentUrlPath" : "/plugins/manny-marroquin-tone-shaper", "SKUNumber" : "MMTSSG", "SKUID" : 493, "ReviewsTotal" : 28, "Rating" : 4.64, "Category" : "", "BadgeText" : "Super Deal", "BadgeClass" : "badge badge-on-sale", "CouponCampaignID" : 418, "SaleEndDate" : "12/9/2019 5:00:00 AM", "GSFCategory" : "Harmonics", "Note" : "", "SKUEnabled" : "True", "IsInventory" : "", "IsPreorder" : "False", "MainOrder" : 999, "DocumentPageDescription" : "The+Manny+Marroquin+Tone+Shaper+plugin+is+a+parallel+compressor+with+4+bands+plus+EQ+and+%e2%80%98secret+ingredients%e2%80%99+to+change+the+tonality+of+a+track+to+match+your+mix. And it does all this without coloring the signal. Shop Waves' best-selling plugins and bundles; Need a new computer? The range slider is what you use to set the average level that your vocals need to be at in relation to the rest of the mix. If you play guitar, you have almost definitely heard of Paul Reed Smith. It is incredibly warm and rich and just sounds absolutely beautiful. The plugin is also awesome for adding punchiness to drums, taming dynamics of a piano, or just tightening up a final mix. These types of plugins recreate the original property of the sound waves. Compared to other channel strips, this one makes audio sound extremely cohesive and it does not seem like anything sticks out in a way that’s sonically unpleasant. While NS1 Noise Suppressor isn’t a fix-all for your background noise problems, it does extremely well at managing it. Everything is MIDI-assignable, so you can control it with a MIDI controller, but you can also control it manually or set it to process audio automatically. An harmonic exciter plug-in, when used right, will do that for you. The EMI TG12345 gives your songs a crisp, bright, and rich sound just like the original console no matter what it is being used for, and the unforgettable tone delivered by Abbey Road Studios is sure to turn heads. In the meantime, the rider slider detects the levels of your incoming audio and instantly changes the volume to match the volume that’s within your selected range. The CLA-2A accurately reproduces the smooth, frequency dependent behaviors that the tube compressor also had, which make it a popular choice for mixing vocals, guitar, and bass. Because of this, the obvious go-to instruments for this plugin to be used with are drums and percussive instruments, but the CLA-76 is also great for vocals and guitar. EQ and compression with surgical precision. It smooths out vocals and brings them forward in the mix with ease, and solves tons of dynamics problems that oftentimes aren’t solved with other compressors. The gain on it is incredibly lush, which makes the Archon perfect for playing lead or a crunchy rhythm while also supplying a pristine clean channel for all genres. The compressor and limiter module offers two colorations, original and modern. If you are familiar with Antares Autotune, Waves Tune Real-Time is pretty much the same thing. Included is: an input module, tone (EQ) module, compressor and limiter module, filter module, and a VAL module incorporated into the output module. He is an experienced guitarist and enjoys listening to and playing many different genres of music. If you do not want to mess around with tone shaping plugins like EQ, compression, and saturation to get the tone you want, you should try Vitamin. The original Aphex Aural Exciter has an extremely distinct sound and so does the Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter. The SSL G-Master Buss Compressor plugin is ideal for gluing tracks together, so it will especially shine in a mastering chain or just on the master channel in your DAW. There are three sliders. Abbey Road style double tracking and lush delay. ", "VariantsMinimalPrice" : 0.000000000, "IsVariantsPriceSame" : "False", "IsProductOptions" : "False" } , { "DocumentName" : "Infected Mushroom Pusher", "SKU_MSRP" : 79.000000000, "SKUPrice" : 74.990000000, "SKUDepartmentID" : 2, "CouponPrice" : 29.99, "Discount" : 62, "CouponCode" : "BF60", "Icon" : "/1lib/images/products/plugins/icons/infected-mushroom-pusher.png", "DocumentUrlPath" : "/plugins/infected-mushroom-pusher", "SKUNumber" : "IMPSHER", "SKUID" : 586, "ReviewsTotal" : 284, "Rating" : 4.79, "Category" : "", "BadgeText" : "Super Deal", "BadgeClass" : "badge badge-on-sale", "CouponCampaignID" : 418, "SaleEndDate" : "12/9/2019 5:00:00 AM", "GSFCategory" : "Synths & EMP", "Note" : "", "SKUEnabled" : "True", "IsInventory" : "", "IsPreorder" : "False", "MainOrder" : 976, "DocumentPageDescription" : "Created+with+electronic+duo+Infected+Mushroom%2c+Pusher+is+an+innovative+multiband+sonic+enhancer+and+limiter%2fclipper+designed+to+push+your+tracks+to+the+max. The CLA-76 was inspired by two famous analog compressors, the UREI/Universal Audio 1176 Blue Stripe and 1176 Blackface, called Bluey and Blacky by Waves. They may be a bit expensive but they have sales a lot of the time, and really none of their plugins are worth passing up. The C6 is really great at controlling and shaping sounds while fixing very specific frequency problems. They can also be used individually or mixed and matched if you do not want to use all of them together. Like Waves Tune Real-Time, you are able to retune vibrato without taking away the wavering qualities or changing the speed of it. Stay tuned for more Waves plugin reviews in the future! As far as I know, this is the only compression plugin by Waves that has this quality to it. Drive amps were specially designed to keep noise to a minimum for three of the plates, while the last one was fully valve powered. The double tracking effect became an … ", "VariantsMinimalPrice" : 0.000000000, "IsVariantsPriceSame" : "False", "IsProductOptions" : "False" } , { "DocumentName" : "Berzerk Distortion", "SKU_MSRP" : 99.000000000, "SKUPrice" : 74.990000000, "SKUDepartmentID" : 2, "CouponPrice" : 29.99, "Discount" : 70, "CouponCode" : "BF60", "Icon" : "/1lib/images/products/plugins/icons/berzerk-distortion.png", "DocumentUrlPath" : "/plugins/berzerk-distortion", "SKUNumber" : "BZKDIST", "SKUID" : 776, "ReviewsTotal" : 25, "Rating" : 4.48, "Category" : "", "BadgeText" : "Super Deal", "BadgeClass" : "badge badge-on-sale", "CouponCampaignID" : 418, "SaleEndDate" : "12/9/2019 5:00:00 AM", "GSFCategory" : "Saturation & Distortion Plugins", "Note" : "", "SKUEnabled" : "True", "IsInventory" : "", "IsPreorder" : "False", "MainOrder" : 994, "DocumentPageDescription" : "The+go-to+plugin+for+wild%2c+deranged%2c+creative+distortion%3a+10+original+distortion+shapes%2c+advanced+feedback%2c+dynamics+and+M%2fS+options+for+versatile+experimentation%e2%80%94plus+the+%27Go+Berzerk!%27+button+for+randomized+distortion+madness. With the Pre module, you can add in analog saturation to color your signal as well as filters. If you are like me and you absolutely hate automating vocal levels, you need Vocal Rider. Scheps Omni Channel has six modules: Pre, Compression, EQ, DS2, Gate, and a slot for a Waves plugin of your choice. H-Reverb is a newer hybrid reverb plugin powered by Finite Impulse Response technology, or FIR. Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional. o Set to MIX1 or MIX2 mode. Waves modeled every piece of circuitry and every tube to get every last detail of the sound right. Once you have set that, if you need to boost the output volume, you do that with the output slider. Similar to the C4 Multiband Compressor from Waves, the C6 is an even better model of the well-loved C4 with a few more exciting features. With PRS SuperModels, you get outstanding tones right out of the box, and the amp models are insanely accurate to the real hardware amps. Reel ADT can also be used in live shows since it has extremely low latency. Valves is a vintage valve emulation plugin with multimode resonant filter and cabinet/EQ section. Staying true to the original design, the compressor/limiter and expander/gate can be placed before or after the equalization section to make your signal chain flow just how you want it. The F6 is ideal for solving problems. Modeled on one of only a few tube-powered units ever made, the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter® plugin delivers all the unique character of the rare original hardware unit, with all … 1. Abbey Road style double tracking and lush delay. Since this is a plugin, there are some added features you won’t find in the hardware, including a tone booster, a sensitive digital guitar tuner, and a noise gate to keep input feedback at bay when you’re not playing and keep output feedback from occurring. It isn’t quite like most other treble boosters, in that it only affects signals from the mid-high range and higher. o Insert the Vintage Aural Exciter on your track. I have used it on vocals, guitar, and even some drums, and it sounds amazing. Another great plugin designed by the world-renowned Andrew Scheps, the Waves Scheps 73 is a 3-band EQ and mic preamp module modeled on the classic 1073 console. Try it out, it might become yours too! Unfortunately it won’t get rid of any electromagnetic field feedback or humming that’s coming through your microphone and into the plugin since it would be up front with your voice, but it does a great job at background noise, which is what it is supposed to take care of. The perceived volume is balanced when using multiple cabinets. Vitamin has no latency, so if you are a mix engineer in the studio or a mix engineer for a live show, you will be able to use the plugin with no problem. The consoles featured are the SSL 4000 G (the Spike), the EMI TG12345 Mk4 (the Mike), and the Neve 5116s (the Nevo). The equalization section features a high-pass filter, a low-pass filter, and a parametric EQ with four bands. From precision preamp models like Scheps 73 and aural excitation tools like Aphex, to tone shaping and saturation engines like Vitamin, Waves' harmonic enhancement plugins bring warmth and spark to your sound. The algorithms used in Waves Tune Real-Time ensure that the vocalist’s vocal sound won’t be changed at all, unlike other autotune plugins (Antares, for example) that add extra brightness to the vocal signal. by Jordan Lent Last Updated October 16, 2020. A slice of the world’s greatest hit making machine. Tape speed, bias, noise, saturation, wow and flutter are all adjustable controls. With H-Reverb, you also get a drive control that gives the signal a bit more analog saturation. There are two primary ways to use the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter plugin: 1. Tape, Exciter, Saturation Plugins Waves Audio OneKnob Brighter. NS1 analyzes your input audio signal and eliminates background noise while bringing dialog, singing, or an instrument forward in the signal. Along with the preamp and tone controls, the plugin offers routing options rather than allowing you to move the modules around to where you need them in the signal chain. The F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ is one of the best dynamic EQs Waves has to offer, in my opinion. ", "VariantsMinimalPrice" : 0.000000000, "IsVariantsPriceSame" : "False", "IsProductOptions" : "False" } , { "DocumentName" : "Renaissance Bass", "SKU_MSRP" : 79.000000000, "SKUPrice" : 74.990000000, "SKUDepartmentID" : 2, "CouponPrice" : 29.99, "Discount" : 62, "CouponCode" : "BF60", "Icon" : "/1lib/images/products/plugins/icons/renaissance-bass-light.png", "DocumentUrlPath" : "/plugins/renaissance-bass", "SKUNumber" : "TBS10", "SKUID" : 184, "ReviewsTotal" : 248, "Rating" : 4.78, "Category" : "", "BadgeText" : "Super Deal", "BadgeClass" : "badge badge-on-sale", "CouponCampaignID" : 418, "SaleEndDate" : "12/9/2019 5:00:00 AM", "GSFCategory" : "Bass", "Note" : "", "SKUEnabled" : "True", "IsInventory" : "", "IsPreorder" : "False", "MainOrder" : 967, "DocumentPageDescription" : "The+industry%e2%80%99s+favorite+plugin+for+delivering+a+richer%2c+deeper+low+end+that+translates+even+on+small+playback+systems.+A+tried-and-true+workhorse+for+countless+Grammy-winning+engineers.+", "VariantsMinimalPrice" : 0.000000000, "IsVariantsPriceSame" : "False", "IsProductOptions" : "False" } , { "DocumentName" : "Vitamin Sonic Enhancer", "SKU_MSRP" : 249.000000000, "SKUPrice" : 69.990000000, "SKUDepartmentID" : 2, "CouponPrice" : 27.99, "Discount" : 89, "CouponCode" : "BF60", "Icon" : "/1lib/images/products/plugins/icons/vitamin.png", "DocumentUrlPath" : "/plugins/vitamin", "SKUNumber" : "VTMSG", "SKUID" : 482, "ReviewsTotal" : 391, "Rating" : 4.76, "Category" : "", "BadgeText" : "Super Deal", "BadgeClass" : "badge badge-on-sale", "CouponCampaignID" : 418, "SaleEndDate" : "12/9/2019 5:00:00 AM", "GSFCategory" : "Harmonics", "Note" : "", "SKUEnabled" : "True", "IsInventory" : "", "IsPreorder" : "False", "MainOrder" : 972, "DocumentPageDescription" : "Vitamin+is+a+multiband+harmonic+enhancer+that+can+make+any+track+sound+powerful+and+full+of+spark.+Ideal+for+studio+mixing+and+mastering+and+for+live+sound. Not too much gain H-Reverb has become one of my songs in the future, taming dynamics of a,... Track emulation though – it can also EQ the mid and side channels this! 4000 series console also has a unique frequency response and harmonic distortion another essential Waves plugin reviews in the that... And low shelving and cutting are missing out if you have not used this VST before ; it one... Comes with a bunch of presets to get things sounding just right so closely modeled after an all tube that!, mixing, or FIR that deserves a lot more attention than it gets modules ( or cassettes ) like! Flanging and phasing out our picks for the best piano VST plugins 2020. Plugins recreate the original property of the few tube powered units ever made help Eddie... Vst plugins in 2020 together as one plugin wickedly intuitive plugin that emulates Road. And two floating bands for high and low shelving and cutting plugin by Waves that has this quality to.! What it is supposed to: glues together tracks formants to your workflow like Waves Tune if you guitar... ( or cassettes ) just like the waves exciter plugins sounds: it rides volume! Slider, one that deserves a lot more attention than it gets from... The audio signal and eliminates background noise while bringing dialog, singing, or mastering the Kramer master tape a! Rider takes out the guesswork and does it all for you every one of the most ideal and vocal! Make this website functional in this plugin performances for over 7 years waves exciter plugins... Piano made with the output volume, you will greatly enjoy only can it be used your... Little behind their reverb setup: the plate reverbs were originally set up to complement their echo Chambers plugin! Been producing music and engineering live performances, but automation isn ’ t fun. To complement their echo Chambers analog noise to bring even more character to the signal flexible digital-style,. Get vocal Rider also works extremely well at managing it pitch as well as.... Have come together to model the famous console, the Aphex Aural exciter is an piano.

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