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Displaying And Highlighting Source code in HTML Page. Sometimes the horizontal space, in which a code block is placed, is limited by the design. There's an optional plug-in to add line numbering and to escape markup too. Add the script tag the HTML head of your own website to add JavaScript. Prism requires the code element to have a class stating the coding language: As default I personally find these four enough, where clike covers the occasional PHP function. For testing purposes, it is convenient to use document.write(): Using document.write() after an HTML document is loaded, will delete all existing HTML: The document.write() method should only be used for testing. Note: contenteditable requires word-wrap: normal added to pre > code in Safari. Mit der ersten Art ist das JavaScript direkt auf der Seite. JavaScript kann man auf 2 Arten in eine HTML-Seite einbinden. Nice one James. Using Css style we can hide or show HTML elements in javascript.Css provides properties such as block and none to hide/show the HTML elements.. So far so good, but that's all a bit boxy and plain. Hell, I couldn't even be bothered to show an example. See Syntactic sugaring later in this article for details. There are alternative HTML markup escaping methods available as extensions to the Prism highlighter, a little hacky though. The HTML

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