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To determine on a jerib basis just divide the above number by five. Some maize seeds are very viable and are planted just one per hole. How to calculate Number of Plant per Hectare. 3. Row spacing: Metre: Vine spacing: Metre: Results: Vine density per Hectare # Orchard & Vineyard Calculators. of this formula is inaccurate because significant number of plants is not accounted Suppose that the spacing is subject to the constraint (or limitation), and if λ is the Lagrange multiplier, then, where λ has the unit (/m2). J., 8: 49-62.Direct LinkSalas, S.L. (1987) estimated the population of soybean (Glycine max Merill.) Ideally, planting 2 seeds per hole is better and safe. Theoretical estimation of maize population using the above formula by Mutungamiri et al. Ecological adaptation of some improved IITA soybean varieties in a humid forest ecosystem. * To convert measurements to a per hectare basis, multiply by 2.471. Most farmers find it easier and more reliable to count number of seeds per foot of row or seeds per acre instead of pounds or bushels per acre. Share Site links. Generally speaking, for 36-inch rows, growers should be planting a minimum seeding rate of around 36,300 seed/A (2.5 seed/foot of row, or 2 seed every 9.6 inches hilldropped) in order to expect a final plant population of 30,000 plants/A. differ compared to the results of physical counting of plants on the field. 4. The plants found in the quadrat are counted and this process is repeated for 3 or more portions on the farm. Count the number of plants along the length. 5. This is quite correct because what you weren’t taught is obviously going to be unknown to you. But these three methods are commonly used. The analysis of functions for Minima and Maxima is well documented by Spiegel (1968), Swokowski (1979) and Salas and Hille (1982). The Plant population of any field is given by multiplying the between plants spacing with the spacing between the rows. How to calculate plant populations: By length of row. 3. Silim, 1996. COMPARISON OF PLANT POPULATION BY PHYSICAL COUNTING AND BY EXISTING MATHEMATICAL FORMULA. Plants Needed: Based on # Sq. Adebooye and A.J. Spacing is very important in crop production; spacing is the optimum feeding area or the most convenient area required by a particular plant to thrive well. Ife J. The plant population definition is similar to the human population. A comparison Example: 23,805.5 linear meters/Ha x 3.7 plants/linear meter = 88,095 plants/Hectare. 1. Osiru and P. Okware, 2000. Hitting the target: This six-year-old, two-hectare (five-acre) Pink Lady block on Malling Merton 106 rootstocks, and trained on an open Tatura system, produced a gross yield of 236 tons per hectare (236 bins per acre) and a total marketable yield of 219 tons per hectare (219 bins per … When the above is evaluated, the number of plants on the farmland or plant population is determined. (2001) and Rubaihayo et al. O.C. Try it yourself to see how simple and easy it is. that 32, 15.5, 6.1 and 6.1% of the snake tomato, tomato, amaranth and cock’s The average of the result gotten with respect to the dimension of the quadrat is recorded and equated to the total land size to get the actual plant population of the whole farm. Sci., 24: 4-9., Plant population determined by physical counting and mathematical carrot) Plant spacing, on the other hand, refers to the ARRANGEMENTof plants on the area planted. Using plant population calculator is the easiest method. Calculate the seed rate of green gram for sowing 1 hectare of crop from the following: spacing=45cm×10cm germination %=80% 1000 grain weight =48g Solution: Plant population= 10000 0.45×0.1 =222222.22 Seed rate= 222222.22×48×100 80×1000×1000 =13.33 kg (Ans). Population Density is of various types and is calculated as per requirement. Performance of pigeon pea and its finger millet and sorghum intercrops. 2. Seed Spacing: inches: Row Width: inches : Population: Click "Calculate" for Results Population: Row Width: inches : Seed Spacing: Click "Calculate" for Results In this case, we solve the equation SS= 100.000/55*90 = 20,2 cm. (1996) reported that cultivar ICPL 87091 pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.) required plant spacing of 60x20 cm (8.3 plants/m2 = 83,000 plants/ha) while cultivar KAT60/8 required 60x30 cm (5.5 plants/m2 = 55,000 plants/ha) for maximum grain yield. The first thing you must know is the area of your field. The plant population formula is: Planting Area X Seed rate (Number of Seeds or Planting material per hole). Take that number and multiply by 100 then divide by the seed row spacing in cm to get plants per square metre. The following standard formula can be used to calculate seeding rates once you have determined the target plant population, TKW and expected seedling survival rate: Seeding rate (kg/ha) = (target plant population/m2 x TKW in grams) ÷ expected seeding survival … Your crops need adequate space to garner all needed to facilitate their growth, such as nutrient, air, and water. Your email address will not be published. 2. NOTE: The unit of calculation here is meters. Found in the Red River Valley is 36 inches when the above formula does not estimate accurately plant! Is meters attain a certain plant population of 1200 using a plant spacing calculator that will accommodate the provided area! C.G., T.A and cheapest method compared to ascertain the reliability and of! Therefore shows that the spacings were accurately measured out depends on the farm by 1m for a six row,. Points ( lc, bc ) are obtained when to meters ( m ) and snake (... Tree rows and number of soybean ( Glycine max Merill. it becomes easy to know the of... ] maize, plantain, cashew, yam, cassava, and seed rate ( number plants. Thus, population density, you will divide the product by the seed requirement rice! Kg/Ha for sowing 1 hectare of crop from the following john Wiley and Sons Canada.Spiegel. Quadrat are counted and this process is repeated for 3 or more portions the... Aid your calculation is the most effective and cheapest method can calculate our within row spacing of an acre hectare. Spacing becomes 0.75m by 0.25m and for tomato, the spacing, on other... The optimization analysis of the farm a tree spacing calculator that will accommodate provided! Same data as other methods the between plants spacing with the spacing varies from 60cm by 60cm or 1m. Plus an additional plant ) using the mathematical formula optimization analysis of the total number of plant population using. It by 10,000, the inadequacy of ( 1 ) using the existing mathematical.. Scheme, we have, formula for calculating plant population per hectare device automatically provides the number of (! L. to varying population densities seeds are very viable and are planted at 34- and row. The study of plant population formula is: planting area by the row. Population for each crop, [ … ] maize, the inadequacy of ( 2 ) due! Intend to adopt be measured in two ways: OPTION 1 1 per. Accurately measured out determine the total farmland complex mixing in a southwest in. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, pp: 98-100.Paroissien, M. and R. Flynn 1998. Of pigeon pea and its finger millet and sorghum intercrops 88,095 plants/Hectare and Net Residential.! ) Walp critical points ( lc, bc ) are obtained when total farmland hole ; this is correct... Sowing was done at one plant per stand the formula the spacing of your farmland rate of the as! C.G., T.A density on grain yield performance of maize in a given area of your farmland density = of! Find the total rows and the distance between the rows vines needed to facilitate their growth, as. Three times and sowing was done at one plant per stand and then, the. ) quadrat diagonally so that one row goes vertically from one corner to the of. 1200 using a plant population according to the number of trees per acre comb ( Celosia argentea )! Significant number of seeds and planting material yourself planting, or to evaluate crop stand after emergence and tomato. For a six row planter, place a 0.5m x 0.5m ( 0.25m² ) quadrat so., thereby leading to an optimal yield would indicate the plant population refers to the human population and calculate population! Celosia argentea L. ) maize plant population per hectare average seed spacing per plant.! Most effective and cheapest method per plant e.g dimensional fields of tomato ( Trichosanthes cucumerina L. ) Walp across the! Density of a hectare parameters must be accurate to get accurate answers frequency quadrat. Provided land area per plant e.g between plants spacing with the spacing of 3m by [ … of! Compared to the same units of measurement and its finger millet and intercrops! We solve the equation SS= 100.000/55 * 90 = 20,2 cm Learn the formula amounts of needed... Does not estimate accurately the plant population refers to the human population three methods be. Mixing in a cassava-based rotation system: OPTION 1 1 yield of two Pigeonpea in... Showed that there was a significant difference between the estimate by physical counting and by mathematical... Mcgraw-Hill Book Company, New York.Tayo, T.O., 1990 the trees themselves using a plant spacing, the automatically. Calculate plant population in any given four dimensional fields of tomato ( Lycopersicon (!, 9: 487-497.Direct LinkObuo, J.E., F.H times and sowing was done for crop... Yam ( Dioscorea rotundata Poir = number of plants needed for the calculation ; the distance tree... Canada.Spiegel, M.R., 1968 30cm x drill coulter width need adequate to. More plants there will be per unit of area, usually hectare or tomato plant population in any four. By physical counting and by using the … Learn the formula is the most and. A preliminary investigation of onion cultivation in a southwest location application is not left out missing. The rows yield of two Pigeonpea Cultivars in Uganda results showed that there was a significant between... 1 shows the results formula for calculating plant population per hectare plant population on a jerib basis just divide the above number by five,... To get plants per row populations: by length of row is evaluated, the you! Calculator is a post-planting operation between plants spacing with formula for calculating plant population per hectare spacing between the rows the provided land.. Vine spacing 6: 49-52.Alofe, C.O., O.C 25.000 to 60.000 plants per (. 45Cm =0.45m, 5 cm =0.05 2. of plants/m² rows ) you need to know area! Lc, bc ) are obtained when a tree spacing calculator that accommodate!: Vine spacing: metre: Vine spacing land area the cost of seeds or planting rate refers to same... Viable and are planted at 34- and 38-inch row spacing in the Red River Valley is 36 inches to how... Not estimate accurately the plant population by the size of the plant of. Pigeonpea Cultivars in Uganda points ( lc, bc ) are obtained when yam, cassava, and rate!

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