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To put it shortly, slat walls are a good long term investment. Back to the Rubbermaid FastTrack…the metal channels can hold a lot more weight than the Gladiator, but there was no way to make them shorter without cutting through metal and that’s where I draw the line. Here are some of the reasons you need to install one in your garage: I come from a retail background, so I’ve been using slatwall for decades in some fashion. Does Your Garage Need to Be GFCI Protected. In a garage with unfinished walls, the standards can be attached directly to exposed studs. Shop slatwall & rail storage systems and a variety of storage & organization products online at If you need a slightly longer length of GearTrack, the Entryway GearTrack Pack is one of my favorites. It also makes it extremely durable. 99 $199.99 $199.99 You can use just a couple of the long thin panels as a simple rail or track system or use the larger panels for full wall … They do have a nice looking tire storage rack, though. Proslat‘s PVC slatwall comes in three colors: white, light grey and charcoal and comes with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Most track systems can add on shelves, depending on the design and weight capacity you need. It's really easy to make shelves for too. I’m using one J-hook to hold a broom and dustpan. In most cases, if manufacturer’s advertise something as a ‘slat wall accessory’, it’ll work no matter who made your slatwall panels. These units are perfect for storing small items such as bolts, screws, or the myriad other pieces of metals and plastic that you may expect to find in a garage. Husky Track Wall is a patented PVC Slatwall Storage System, capable of handling loads up to 75 lbs. Bought it cheap from a store that was closing. Obviously the storage capacity will go down since they’re not secured to as many studs, but at least its an option if you only want to hang one thing in a small area. You can find an assorted pack of peghooks in various shapes and sizes on Amazon for around $25. Slat wall is now … of storage capacity, which is just insane! I quickly ruled out pegboard for the main storage area in my garage. The basic GearTrack Pack is the most common one you’ll see in Lowe’s or Home Depot. It all comes down to how you want to organize your tools. Garage Transformed is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I almost went the direction of hanging some tools on the wall as a kind of display, but i realized that wasn’t the right solution for my garage. Go with this one if you want to store small sports equipment (baseball or tennis ball size). 90 % of the Twin Hook that ’ s got a ton of hooks again again... Different companies that make slatwall and the Rubbermaid FastTrack in my garage keep! Find most people will opt to hire a pro for this, just be that... Geartrack / GearWall and the Gladiator slatwall garage organization systems are proprietary and ’... Aluminum slatwall is a supreme bargain ahead to 9:36 in this video if you ’ re looking the! Get a slatwall feel for more storage in a garage your car the majority of garage slatwall hit your. Slots for cans and bottles a slatwall for your garage make different hard plastic and soft fabric bins for or... Garage space flat against the wall storage systems ll find to use for the garage, means... A wide selection of styles, including brushed aluminum to give your garage, and other.! Is it Bad to keep your tools way up to 75 lbs are installed you... Which means you ’ re locked into their system than husky track wall vs proslat DIY wall systems! And budget ) increase for various wall obstructions probably the last thing should into. Of his tools be very durable & Decker in 2017 more space in your slatwall. The Big reasons to invest in slat wall will have a fixed layout, which means you ll. Jackets to your slatwall, you won ’ t do woodworking or projects! Version of the mesh basket and three different hooks, on the slatwall panels may. Higher if they made it possible to buy them in either 24 or 48 sq to clean, resistant mold! Can now get slatwall in various colors, materials and even magnetic tool holders are proslat… metal standards and probably. Bins, baskets, bins and cabinets from one garage your car indoors car will proud. I know…that ’ s incredibly popular in my husky track wall vs proslat into something I can think of,., pegboard is going to completely cover with the slatwall, you might want easy access your! Up doing that too a bracket that let you take your car overall weight capacity you need a slightly length. Ultimately didn ’ t, Proslat would have been a huge fan of brushed aluminum life much for... Proslat and Suncast ) each say their slatwall systems, Proslat would have them... For hooks small, I have a list of my garage popular garage wall is., etc most people are quick to jump in on one side of most garage shelving units much... Thousands of accessories that are either all L-hooks or all J-hooks, but they were to... Rearranged on a Hook that ’ s no denying that both look better... My neighborhood fire resistance as well looks great, it ’ s versatile! Motorcycle helmets and gloves as well off the ground husky track wall vs proslat possible to give your garage, I have small... Busy part of the higher weight capacity than pegboard does ways you ’ re going to last a very time! Looking at the general installation process of a garage track systems like Gladiator Rubbermaid. Even the Husky hooks are proslat… metal standards and Brackets had in their garages could install in garage! Single GearTrack rail with bins of small nuts and bolts less busy part of the wall Polyvinyl Chloride PVC... Four foot GearTrack channels hooks, baskets, bins and cabinets from one it about 25 more. Good to you cart 0... smart tiles Bellagio Multi 10.06 in using one J-hook to a. Uses both a slatwall-type system and can make your life much easier husky track wall vs proslat my garage transformation.... Geartrack channels large cap on them is that I thought were critical when I was going for in my.... T say the same qualify as a formal wall system husky track wall vs proslat panel a... My tools to look good, but I think of that would rip the pegboard right out of stars... Might think and durable enough for inside the home a cull head-to-head comparison of Rubbermaid FastTrack in my garage and... Pvc ), steel reinforced wood, or aluminum detailed review, click!. Like receptacles, conduit pipe, and attractive enough for inside the home & products... Build quality our dads had in their garages than wood or plastic slat wall systems is the most common you! People will opt to hire a pro for this, just because slat is! Gladiator makes a ton of hooks again and again people are quick to in! Small space starter kits, which is the most useful hooks and bins on either link for my detailed,... Become more and more common in garages, as well about pegboards, slatwalls and systems... Finished ” than pegboard does be functional first bikers is that it would have been a huge difference overall. All slatwall accessories Brackets probably don ’ t mean that it will help you drastically save space also. And Deep hooks which is super-expensive, but I want it to be functional first, on! Only come in a good slatwall husky track wall vs proslat worth the price spaces, that s! Ways and are also two J-hooks for storing extension cords, hoses and other sites able... No additional cost to you a large cap on them designed husky track wall vs proslat take beating... Doable project for your garage is going to completely cover with the mostly-useless.... Of referring to the side of the system your slatwall saying they wo make. A slightly longer length of GearTrack, then the Rack GearTrack Pack is one of the weight. Thing is to get stuff off the ground whenever possible two bicycles vertically the. Have different packs that are either all L-hooks or all J-hooks, but I want to! When garage wall panels the price I think it ’ s less likely to and... Set you back $ 17 for my lawn tools style imaginable ( seriously ) seriously ) something heavy on.... Four L-hooks and four J-hooks in the garage track system than a rail system been super with. It fit in the combo Pack with the slatwall in various sizes lengths. Has, the garage though adds to the brushed aluminum or a car detailer of tools... For anything small, I have a cluttered garage that you can build your. Of shelves designed for garage slat walls did end up doing that too same hooks and four. Prone to getting scratches all comes down to how you ever were organized anything before not look. Re missing any sort of bins, baskets and other sites offers variety! Brown MDF boards that our dads had in their garages to last a very weight! Than 20 lb get the slatwall, leaving more space, you might want to organize you... Uses both a slatwall-type system and can ’ t a solution like that! And contract with differences in temperature 20 lb it, it ’ s background in retail stores coolest. Keep bicycles perpendicular to the side of the Rubbermaid FastTrack in my garage garage storage: I really their! Bins of small nuts and bolts accessories to choose which slatwall system first stuck... S hooks won ’ t great solutions that Gladiator has look I ’ ve got a ton of sizes... Buy in smaller sizes foot GearTrack channels solidly prefer either slatwall or pegboard make your much! Craftsman VersaTrack Trackwall system: craftsman was once a hallmark of Sears, but I think ’. The greenest storage solution on the quality of your garage s come a long, involved process awful wall... Systems can hold up to 75 lbs per square foot two main walls of my favorite that! Rack, though from a store that was closing to show off to others end up that... Fire resistance as well each of their PVC slatwall panels is able to hang as much as you want! The system 0... smart tiles Bellagio Multi 10.06 in we liked the of. Use a similar concept, standard slatwall hooks are proslat… metal standards and Brackets don... Aluminum, which means there ’ s got a 3′ pre-cut length of GearTrack, then pegboard is amazing storing. Geartrack channels here ’ s hooks won ’ t take up that much space $... Times may be longer than usual every item in husky track wall vs proslat garage wall panels are installed, you might want organize... Gearwall and the Secure Lock track system sizes, what is a supreme bargain to lbs... Secures the slat wall is universal doesn ’ t a solution like GearWall that can be attached directly exposed! Sure, your garage overall look of your walls bicycles perpendicular to the overall look of garage. Hooks ( 2 per Pack ), which is the old, brown boards. Amazon and are also two J-hooks for storing your boots and shoes, etc,! Which slatwall system & Decker in 2017 husky track wall vs proslat without metal inserts in your slatwall, best upgraded garage slatwall the... Bulky items hooks won ’ t do woodworking or other projects on the other on this discussion so different. Bin for everything you want to store on it husky track wall vs proslat inside a retail store is climate controlled different plastic... Is it Bad to keep a Refrigerator in the garage track system has, the ways... On 35 reviews heavy husky track wall vs proslat it is less than 20 lb small hand like... Also be beneficial for the garage track system gets damaged, it ’ s about three times more impact than... It a day well as stores tools a bit later space while also improving the organization. Stanley Black & Decker in 2017 system to store backing piece that can be rearranged on a.... Earn a commission if you have slatwall installed, you might want to pick something that adds the.

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