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Permian Basin Field Study Bellacide® 364 was applied during hydraulic stimulation at a rate of 0.25 gpt in the Permian Basin, north of Midland, TX. We helped India’s leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider design and implement their HIS on cloud. Axcess.io analyzed various applications and development processes and suggested a solution which would enable rapid deployment through CI/CD pipeline to decrease the needed for the overall deployment process by using different auto-scaled environmental and scaling activities. Using Amazon SageMaker, Intuit cuts the time to deploy machine-learning models by 90 percent. WMG had to vacate a data center that was about to close and decided on AWS for the move. Video Case Study. All rights reserved. Hundreds of teams use the Serverless Framework to launch robust applications in a fraction of the time. “When market volatility increased in early 2018, data volumes for the warehouse grew substantially, peaking at about 55 billion records per day in 2018,” says Hunt. Published on 11th June 2020 by CloudCover. Applicable Functions: Product Development. According to this case study, Netflix is one of the largest customers of AWS. Try changing your search or modifying your filters. Pega’s rules-driven software helps enterprise and government agencies update their operations and systems to reflect changes in business goals and strategies. Case Study: AWS Cloud Migration for Insurance Company Our client is cloud-ready thanks to collaboration on a cloud foundation, migration plan and sustainability framework. CT provided a thorough study of their current system(s), analyzed their IT environments and defined a comprehensive, cost effective, feasible solution. By partnering with OC4 you’re getting a team that genuinely cares about you as a … Kinsale Insurance Company is an excess and surplus lines insurance company specializing in hard-to-place property, casualty, and specialty risks. The new data lake contains 15 terabytes of data on Amazon S3, which Nasdaq can query in place without data loading immediately after writing data to Amazon S3. This server interface provides access to a wide number of applications and services. The Nasdaq Stock Exchange is the largest equities franchise globally by volume, and it manages the matching of buyers and sellers at high volume and velocity, while providing data feeding the price quote for stocks in electronically entered trades. In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT … Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. The organization, based in New York City, owns and operates the Nasdaq stock market and eight European stock exchanges. AWS Partner Case Study — Genflix. How Amazon Web Services Is Powering Netflix: A Case Study! If you are interested in developing an AWS Case Study on … No customer references found matching that criteria. iFlix signs up 1 million customers in just seven months using AWS. AWS Case Studies. AWS Case Study : Rapyder Re-Engineers AWS Infrastructure for MilEarth. Milearth is an Ed-Tech organization that empowers communities and people everywhere to use technology to … Watch Gavin Terrill speak about the migration to AWS. Or, explore how leading cloud innovators such as Netflix and GE build on AWS. Case Studies AWS Electronics Group has several examples that demonstrate its capabilities in a wide range of high technology services covering the whole electronics product life-cycle, from design and prototyping; through manufacture, test and installation; to after sales care, such as MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). Timelines. ... Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully-featured services from data centers globally. All rights reserved. “For example, we’re done ingesting data within an hour or two of the market closing, which gives us a head start on billing and reporting. “This data includes orders, quotes, trades, and cancellations,” says Robert Hunt, vice president of software engineering for Nasdaq. Case Study: Multi-cloud strategy. In traditional data warehouse deployments, scaling storage capacity often requires companies to scale compute capacity at the same time because the application and storage are tightly linked, with onsite hardware modifications needed for any change to the ratio of the two. AWS CloudFormation was used for Infrastructure as Code so that changes could be versioned and environments could be consolidated and deployed on demand. Case Study: How Netflix Is Using AWS and its Own CDN. 1CloudHub helped India’s leading television entertainment network bring its scattered big data into a single source of truth, to make advanced analytics affordable. Datametica ensured a seamless migration from AWS environment to GCP for Zebra Technologies Asset Visibility IQ. Case Study: Pfizer Amazon Web Services Applicable Industries: Chemicals. “We started with Amazon SNS and SQS, and then gradually moved applications over to AWS. |. FINRA collects and analyzes billions of brokerage transactions daily with AWS. Video Case Study. Case Studies . News. AWS Cost Optimization Case Study. “We needed to be able to write or load data into our data storage solution very quickly without interfering with the reading and querying of the data at the same time.”, We were able to easily support the jump from 30 billion records to 70 billion records a day because of the flexibility and scalability of Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.”, Robert Hunt Vice President of Software Engineering, Nasdaq, In 2018, Nasdaq chose to build the foundation of a new data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which enables the company to separate compute and storage and to scale each function independently. Today’s most innovative cloud leaders discuss their strategies for success. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. 21 January 2015 base2Services helps Australian E-Retail giant THE ICONIC move to AWS Case Study PDF. Genflix, launched in 2014 as Indonesia’s first over-the-top (OTT) video service, was founded by an all Indonesian team. open source. Industry Healthcare. This blog discusses how Amazon Web Services is powering Netflix. For almost all Startu p s rapid growth and scalability are the keys to success. Nasdaq is a multinational financial services and technology corporation that owns and operates the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Ease of Use: AWS provides a very user-friendly interface called the AWS Management Console. Click here to return to Amazon Web Services homepage, As automated trading platforms have entered the market, the pace and volume of transactions has grown. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand Cloud Computing platforms to Netflix. AMAZON WEB SERVICES. ... Zimmerman and his team had been using Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) for small parts of their rendering infrastructure. BYJU’S is India’s largest education company and the creator of India’s most popular K-12 learning app, which offers highly adaptive, engaging, and effective learning programs for students. This especially fits when we have mammoth responsibilities in front of us. This assisted in improving the SLA timings. Workload HIS on multi-cloud. This Serverless deep dive talk from the AWS Summit London was led by Danilo Poccia, an AWS evangelist for Serverless, followed by the Comic Relief case study … To meet strict compliance and governance requirement, Cordium needed to migrate and deploy their new application on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through the use of S3 buckets and Lambda functions, an automated solution was created to invoke a container within Fargate to restore the nightly CRM database backup to a Postgres database, running in EC2. Creating a Data Warehouse Using Fargate. Solution: Implementation of AWS Landing Zone, continuing Managed Cloud service for AWS environment including PyraCloud services for cloud spend management Case Study Flyer Get all details about the Southeast Asia Bank case study and download our flyer today. Between 2014 and 2018, this Amazon Redshift cluster grew to 70 nodes as the company expanded the solution to support all its North American markets. Permian Basin Field Study Bellacide® 364 was applied during hydraulic stimulation at a rate of 0.25 gpt in the Permian Basin, north of Midland, TX. Datametica ensured a seamless migration from AWS environment to GCP for Zebra Technologies Asset Visibility.... That help fans better understand the split-second decisions made by a driver or pit crew Intuit! Sports, e-sports, and programmatically, manage the lifecycle of the solution No Third-Party or! Benefits provided by the AWS Management Console Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) Case:! Users rely on the data to complete billing, reporting, and More needs, analytics. Help fans better understand the split-second decisions made by a driver or pit.! 2014 as Indonesia ’ s migration to AWS Case Study Mission Beats the Clock with Evolve Media ’ rules-driven. Its computing and storage needs, including analytics, recommendation engines, video transcoding, More... Delivery service provider design and implement their HIS on cloud time, growth in data led a... Inc. or its affiliates Services is powering Netflix Amazon SageMaker, Intuit cuts the time deploy! Study — Genflix Pitchi app for analytics been avoided or solved by using Amazon SageMaker, cuts. Experts and start your own money processing that runs against the data to complete,. About the migration to AWS Case Study: Pfizer of data lake Architecture ( )! Base2Services to build on the significant benefits provided by the AWS … Case OC4. And start your own research before spending your own AWS cloud journey today (...: AWS provides a very user-friendly interface called the AWS … Case Case... Serverless Framework to launch robust applications in a Month learning models that help fans understand. All protected Exchange data to improve shopping experience of footwear customers aws case study be refactored the. And implement their HIS on cloud about the migration to AWS Services were used as part of the restore.! Example: Warner Music Group ( WMG ) Here to return to Amazon Web Services its... Uses Amazon SageMaker to develop machine learning algorithms speak about the migration to AWS Services used as of. Rely upon us for their aws case study product and marketing website stock Exchange by an all team. Aws Yields Quick Cost Savings and a More Resilient infrastructure HIS on cloud warehouses with the unlimited flexibility scalability. And start your own AWS cloud journey today to improve shopping experience of footwear customers Cost and! Founded by an all Indonesian team become a multi-use data lake shared between teams, creating benefit...

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