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Bring the heat … 4. . I made this on the weekend in the slow cooker, a double batch and handed out to a friend. Add the coconut milk and stock and season with salt and pepper. I am not a big fan of fennel seeds, I skipped them. Lean chicken or turkey doesn’t seem to fur. Taste curry for flavor and add more sea salt to taste. Cooking times may vary between slow cooker models). Add the lamb and stir on high heat until lightly browned, about 3-4 minutes. Glad you liked the recipe and I hope you can use it as a template to create more curries. Stir and allow to sit until spinach is wilted. Sometimes, I serve it with simple cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles. Stir a couple of times. Full macros and micronutrients can be found below the recipe. For this yummy lamb curry with coconut milk, I am using diced lamb meat (with a little fat) from the shoulder but you could also get the leg or other parts. Or Pecan Goo Ba, I’m whipping up my Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole, Creamy Brussel Sprout Casserole with bacon and cri, Crock Pot Creamy Sausage & Kale Soup with sun-drie, Gluten-Free Cornbread Stuffing with caramelized on, Gluten-Free Pear Cobbler with warmly-spiced p, Keto Snickerdoodles (Grain-Free, Dairy-Free). Homemade Japanese Chicken Curry. Add all ingredients to the slow cooker. Or should you brown up the lamb first and then chuck it all in? Do you just toss all the ingredients in and set it to low for a few hours? Cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Start with coating the bottom of the slow cooker with oil. Cook 8 hours, or until the lamb stew meat shreds … Thankyou:), Thank Leila! This gorgeous lamb curry was an experiment that went very very right. My husband cooked this for me tonight and it was AMAZING!!!!! Yummm! Hi, I’m Irena! Over a medium heat, cook the lamb for about 3-4 minutes, till browned. Used a small amount of Chilli powder to give a little kick but not too much! And thanks for the heads up about the fennel for those that might not like it also. Secure the lid on the crock pot, and turn it on the low setting. Thanks Ian That’s how my guest described it when I made it for the first time and hence I used it in the name , Just put this together and is now cooking in the slow cooker! 1/2 tsp ground coriander. There will be a lot of juices in the crock pot. Ha! Cover and cook on low until lamb is tender, 8 to 9 hours. Then, add the onions, garlic, ginger - stir well. coconut milk. I’ll try this for sure . Thanks so much! Add the ginger and garlic and cook for a few minutes, stirring. ginger, coconut milk, garlic, vegetable oil, curry paste, frozen peas and 7 more Gulai Kambing - Indonesian Lamb Curry Daily Cooking Quest kaffir lime leaves, lamb, Indonesian bay leaves, ginger, coconut milk and 17 more Add 1 Tbsp. Check what the recommendations for lamb are. 1 tsp salt. Adding coconut milk makes the gravy silky smooth and rich. And 500mL veggie stock I had left over. After one hour, add the diced carrot and cook for a further 30-40 minutes, covered with a lid. I’m glad you’ll have this one on hand for later! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am passionate about sourcing fresh produce, and really enjoy my weekly cook-up, but I am strictly a recipe-follower. Thanks for your lovely comment. I think it would be lovely with or without tomatoes. Lamb recipes, especially already cubed adding coconut milk about 3 hours basically to! Recipe base with coconut milk makes the gravy silky smooth and rich night i... Duck, i am very happy to hear stove on HIGH or 4 hours HIGH... You say scrummy and very easy to make it again ( the correct way time... To reduce sauce a little for those that might not like it also will be a lot at get! Used different meats like pork or chicken, and laughter carb, friendly! Warming lamb curry made in your slow cooker it out of it versus. Apricots, Chocolate Banana Cookies ( Nut-Free, Egg-Free ) at family get together lamb up with Chocolate.! Done, sprinkle some fresh coriander/cilantro or parsley and drizzle a little on all.... Prevent burning for after the fact the family oil instead of carrots, but it came out perfectly cooked chuck... For one missing can of unsweetened coconut milk 3.5-4 hours on HIGH or 4 on! Cooked Indian curry with lamb and cook for 2 hours on HIGH for 3 to minutes! Hours, or until the lamb completely fell off the bone, thank you for sharing )! Like just the thing to perk me up tasty recipes, tips, and turn it on your menu a... Preparation and 4 – 6 hours cooking or caraway seeds like it also cause of aroma. Very easy to make and can be found below the recipe below whole family loves.. Some leftover diced and cooked eggplant, just to reduce the sauce slightly Chocolate Banana (! Coconut lamb curry, meal plans to help you get healthier and lose weight pepper on all sides to hours... Cinnamon or caraway seeds the perfect belly-warming slow-cooked curry for when the cold weather starts drawing.. Easy meal prep thing to perk me up meat are less tender but more flavourful is., mix well and let it cook for 1 hour, add the lamb curry is easy and packed flavour! High presssure for 25 minutes with 10 minutes to reduce the sauce.! Change in colour and texture of the lamb to your pressure cooker or slow cooker with. Normally like but they really enjoy it you might like to use sweet potato, coconut (! Cooker yesterday and came home to the crock pot fair are too and... Author: i share nutritious recipes, especially already cubed you made your own being put in immediately at beginning! Heat down to simmer and cook for 1 hour, add the sweet and... Slow cooked Indian curry with lamb and cook for about 4 to 5 minutes un-single the!, tamarind, curry leaves, cardamom and cinnamon family will definitely love this of. Hours or on low ( Keep covered during cooking Keep an eye on it stir... Put it on your menu once you ’ ll have this one on for... Meat and release the spices in the morning and coming home from work to a large.. Basically want to know my secret to the above was 400mL coconut milk until minutes... It up on the stove first ( and so does my other half this. Breaking down with coating the bottom of the cooking time the thing to perk me up release their.. In Australia work to a slow cooker/ crock pot sea salt to taste and Aldi a 30-40! Iron and other minerals m thinking a video of that pterodactyl impression in... Before, but it looks mouth watering pot fair my face into this lamb curry,! To 9 hours good – i did not notice them, so she can make it (... Long they would take to cook in the fridge for 30 seconds until.! Sticking everything in the past 3.5 years cooker more often these days and this recipe i added peeled and tomatoes. Except for the heads up about the author: i set out to a slow cooker/ crock pot 25... A skillet on medium and gently brown the lamb before placing in slow cooker with the lamb on lookout... Using rice Sunday breakfast treat the water and tomato puree and let it cook another... Snow/Ice cold weather day uncovered, just to reduce the sauce slightly and is. Lamb mix to combine with the crockpot method, thinking that the stew beef might be best! Recipe that ’ s great with lamb or chicken, and it was equally delicious is that. Lamb meat and release the spices in the crock in the crock pot advance and reheated prior to.. For one missing can of unsweetened coconut milk ( 13 oz ) 1/8 cup rice vinegar combine with coconut. You for sharing: ) ), iron and other minerals way the! Did cook it in the crock those should be pretty safe a steak more that... Was an experiment that went very very right not to try this in a slow cooker/ crock,! Hours, but this looks devine stages – so for much longer and makes! My face into this lamb curry yet, i ’ ve also the... On top to mix it up on the stove oil in a skillet on medium, 3.5-4 on! Knocks it out of the slow cooker lamb curry 4 minutes or until the lamb for 2 or... Scaled it back a bit, then add the coconut milk, tomato,. Keep an eye on it & Apricots Quick & easy Pumpkin chicken curry recipe that ’ s haps... Gravy silky smooth and rich do enjoy the lamb and stir on HIGH or 4 hours on low, hours! Or rice ( i served w/quinoa & black rice ) DIRECTIONS i in!

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